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11 O'Clock News
The Big Bang Theory The Tesla Recoil (HD, TV-PG) Howard and Leonard are upset to learn that Sheldon has been working with the military; Bernadette asks Raj to investigate certain suspicions.
Mike & Molly Pie Fight (HD, TV-14) When Mike achieves a weight loss milestone, he makes the unhealthy decision to pamper himself with a slice of pie, which ultimately leads to a major setback.
2 Broke Girls And the ATM (HD, TV-14) Max comes to the conclusion that she must break off her relationship with Deke after discovering that he actually has a wealthy background.
10 O'Clock News (Repeat) Late breaking news events and top stories of the day are updated by the FOX 12 Nightly News Team along with the latest weather and tomorrow's forecast.
Celebrity Page (HD, New, TV-PG) The hosts use their unique approach to story telling and getting to know celebrities by giving viewers the inside scoop on the world of entertainment.

The Office Launch Party, Part 1 (HD, TV-14) Dwight intends to negate the importance of the company's new website by proving he can single-handedly sell more paper without it.
Will & Grace Jingle Balls (HD, TV-14) Grace is hired to decorate the front store window of Barney's; Will is embarrassed to introduce his friends to the ballet dancer he likes.
Will & Grace Whoa, Nelly (HD, TV-PG) Will and Grace set Tina up on a date to lure her away from Will's dad, but the man is gay; Karen buys a gay breeding horse by mistake.
My Favorite Martian Crash Diet (TV-G) Tim accidentally shrinks the spacecraft to toy size; fortunately the ship will expand back to its usual size in time, the "when" being the question.
My Favorite Martian Gone But Not Forgotten (TV-G) Martin's disk, when in trouble, gives out a verbal distress signal; Mrs. Brown stops by with some of her brownies when she notices that furniture is "missing."
Women: Get Your Hair Back! The Doctors Co-Host Dr. Sonia Batra talks about the Keranique Hair Regrowth System.

3rd Rock from the Sun Selfish Dick (TV-PG) A trip to the doctor becomes colored by the Solomons' viewing of television medical shows when an injured Mrs. Dubcek goes to the hospital.
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